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Meet TRX Instructor Karen Moranchek

As a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and athlete, I have used several different training modalities over the years.  The TRX Suspension Trainer is, by far, the most versatile!  There are an endless number of exercises to work on strength, posture, balance, plyometrics and even metabolic conditions.  Each exercise insists on an engaged core; and everyone benefits from a stronger core!
I coach functional movement for all levels on the TRX; from rehab clients to elite athletes.  It can also be used for sport specific training including golf, baseball, tennis or volleyball.  The best part is there are NO EXCUSES with the TRX.  It is light, portable and can be used by anywhere!

Join Karen  in Studio C to challenge yourself on the TRX in a small group setting!  See the front desk for class details.