Capital Project

Centennial Park - Rothermel Family Skate Facility Renovation

The Park District plans to renovate the skate facility at Centennial Park in 2023. The Park District identified that the equipment has reached the end of its lifecycle due to typical wear and needs to be replaced. Thanks to a grant from the Rothermel Family Fund of DuPage Foundation, the park will be renamed “Rothermel Family Skate Facility.”

A consultant was engaged to ensure that the project plans are relevant and current in regard to design, equipment and ability to meet the needs of the skating community.  The consultant and Park District staff collaborated with the public to conduct an initial survey to understand the desires of skaters in the community and followed up with a public meeting at the site. The resulting design reflects input received to create a facility that will be accessible and enjoyable for all ages and abilities.

Project Renovation Updates

August 2023

Photo taken 8/31/23

June 2023

In anticipation of the skate facility renovation, construction fencing will be installed onsite Fri., June 30. However, the skate facility will be open for use through Tues., July 4th. 

Construction of the new facility is expected to take place through the end of the year. 

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Any questions regarding the work planned for 2023 can be directed to  Peggy Motta Project Manager:

Naperville Park District hired Spohn Ranch to work with the community to create a design for the Rothermel Family Skate Facility. Public input was requested via design surveys conducted by the Park District in May of 2022. A public input meeting was held on Wednesday, June 29 at Centennial Skate Park where skaters and community were able to view and comment on proposed concepts for the 2023 renovation.

The above design was selected and will be installed in the autumn of 2023.

The Skate Facility was constructed in 2004 just west of Centennial Beach. The original design was based on extensive engagement with skaters, neighbors and other members of the community. Now that updates to the facility are needed, due to heavy use and the resulting wear and tear, the Park District will renovate the facility. 

Any comments or questions can be sent to Peggy Motta at