2023 Gartner Park Parking Lot Renovation Plan Holder List Capital Project

Gartner Park - Playground and Parking Lot Renovation


Parking Lot:  

Construction is scheduled to take place mid-July through August. The lot will be resurfaced and 10 additional parking spaces will be added. 

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Any questions or comments regarding the work planned for 2023 can be directed to Jessica Burgdorf Project Manager: jburgdorf@napervilleparks.org


CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: Work is scheduled to take place mid April through mid June.

The playground at Gartner Park will be renovated in 2023. The Park District has established 15 years to be the typical life cycle of play equipment. This baseline ensures consistent updates to current accessibility and safety standards for all playgrounds in our system. In addition to the established life cycle, certified staff complete monthly safety inspections, and the renovation schedule is adjusted as needed.  

Earlier this summer, the Park District completed a community outreach process to inform neighbors of the planned playground renovation. Interested residents reviewed several play equipment options through an online survey. The selected equipment is shown below. As part of the playground renovation, picnic tables and benches will also be replaced. A small picnic shelter will be added in the existing seating area to provide accessible shade.