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Bid Results

Bus Transportation Services 2023

Fertilizer 2023

2023 T-Shirts


Recycling/Dumpster Services

Two (2) - 2022 Ford Rangers for Park Services

Fertilizers for Park Services

Stanford Meadows Shoreline Restoration 

Ranchview Park Tennis Courts Resurfacing 

Gartner Park Playground Renovation 

Hobson Grove Playground Renovation 

District Wide Parking Lot and Trail Bio-Based Sealcoating 

District Wide Parking Lot and Trail Emulsion Sealcoating 

Hunters Woods Pond Dredge 

2023 Sportsmans Parking Lot Renovation 

2023 DuPage River Park Bridge Renovation 

2023 Ashbury Park Tennis Courts Resurfacing 

Bid Results - Cress Creek Park Basketball Court Renovations 

Bid Results - 2023 Eagle Park Bridge Replacement 

Bid Results- Nike Sports Complex Fields F- G and 2 Irrigation 

Bid Results - Brook Crossing Pond Shoreline Restoration 

Bid Results - Millennium Carillon Tower Lighting System (Re-Bid) 

Bid Results - Gartner Park Parking Lot Renovation 

Bid Results - May Watts Park Trail Renovation 

Bid Results - Nike Sports Complex Playground Surfacing Replacement 

Bid Results - Centennial Skate Park Removals and Drainage 

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