Closed Bids

Bid Results - 2024 Commissioners Park and DuPage River Sports Complex Inline Hockey Rink Fence Improvements 

Bid Results - 2024 District Wide Hard Court Maintenance 

Bid Results - 2024 Oakridge Parkway Playground Renovation 

Bid Results - 2024 Frank J Rus Pavilion and Site Work 

Bid Results-2024-Fertilizer for Park Services 

Bid Results - 2024 Brighton Ridge Pond Dredge 

Bid Results - 2024 Commissioner Park Irrigation Renovation 

Bid Results - 2024 Frontier Sports Complex Southeast Trail Renovation 

Bid Results - Contract Mowing 2024 

Bid Results - 2024 Naperville Golf Course Practice Area and Hole 18 Improvements 

Bid Results -Frontier Sports Complex Dugout Installation 

Bid Results - 2024 Tree Trimming 

Bid Results - 2023 Commissioners Park Irrigation Recharge Well Equip Replacement 

Bid Results - Centennial Beach Vertical Platform Lift Replacement 

Bid Results - 2023 Naperbrook Golf Course Irrigation Recharge Well Maintenance 

Bid Results - 2023 Centennial Beach Chemical Pit Restoration 

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