Summer 2021 Program Guide

BEGINS JUNE 14, 2021 Monday-Friday • 11:00 am-1:00 pm Cool off this summer at the Midday Spray on Rotary Hill near the Naperville Riverwalk. Pack a lunch and enjoy the day or stop at the nearby Riverwalk Café. Visit middayspray for complete schedule and information. *In case of weather-related cancellations, check (General Programming and Special Events category) Midday Spray FREE EVENT! is Back! Sponsored by Naperville JUNIOR Tour de Celebrate the Tour de FraNCe by partiCipatiNg iN our seveNth aNNual family-FrieNdly JuNior Tour de Naperville. CommissioNers parK saturdAY, august 14 9:00-11:45 am Ride bikes, tricycles or big wheels. Pedal power only; no motorized vehicles, please. The path is 1.246 miles. Parents may walk or ride along with their younger children; older children can challenge themselves by seeing how many times they can go around the path. Each registered child receives a yellow T-shirt and, of course, there are “SAG (support and gear) stops” for snacks and drinks. Enter at the 3704 111th Street parking lot. Participants are required to wear bike helmets. (fg) CODE: 59802 | AGES 3-5 | 9:00 AM CODE: 59806 | AGES 6-8 | 10:00 AM CODE: 59807 | AGES 9-12 | 11:00 AM $18 R / $25 NR NAPERVILLE PARK DISTRICT Promoting healthy lives, minds and community 13 SUMMER 2021 CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE NAPERVILLE PARK DISTRICT'S COVID-19 UPDATES AND PARTICIPATION GUIDELINES. SPECIAL EVENTS