2019 Autumn Program Guide

NAPERVILLE PARK DISTRICT PRESCHOOL 2019-2020 PRESCHOOL TOURS Visit our preschool classrooms in action! Tours are approximately thirty minutes in length and are by appointment only. Please call Sherri Swanson at 630-848-3480 to schedule a tour from October through April. N aperville Park District Preschools are guided by the philosophy of learning through play. Play nourishes every aspect of a child’s development. It forms the foundation of intellectual, social, physical and emotional skills necessary for success in school and in life. Play paves the way for learning. Our curriculum is anchored in literacy and focuses heavily on cooperative learning, social-emotional well-being, problem-solving, vocabulary, phonemic awareness, math and science. The curriculum consists of 5 thematic units: Family, Friends, Wind & Water, Shadows and Reflections and Things That Grow and maintains a scoped and sequenced progression of both literacy and math. Through hands-on learning experiences, children develop critical thinking skills, learn how to effectively communicate with one another, learn how to navigate a classroom (group) and develop independence skills. The child’s imagination is stimulated through finger play, storytelling and dress up. When children engage in dramatic play, they learn how to cope with feelings, how to bring the large confusing world into a small manageable size and how to become socially adept as they take turns and cooperate with each other. A carefully planned program allows the preschooler to freely explore their environment, themselves and others. Thank you for choosing one of our Preschools at the Naperville Park District. Our entire preschool staff is looking forward to another great year! RICT 53 AUTUMN 2019 VISIT NAPERVILLEPARKS.ORG TO SEARCH PROGRAMS BY AGE OR LOCATION