Snow Clearing Scope

The Park District recognizes that there's a lot of recreation to be enjoyed during the winter months. However, please understand that while we cannot clear all of the sidewalks or park and facility parking lots when it snows, we do have snow-clearing standards that help improve residents' and patrons' access to parks and facilities that are open for use during the winter.

Here's our snow-clearing scope:

  • Sidewalks near schools where Park District programs are held in addition to some sidewalks within school zones to ensure that residents have a cleared path to/from their neighborhood's school.
  • Sidewalks adjacent to Park District facilities that are open for use
  • In areas with Park District land on either side of a street, our staff will clear sidewalks on one of the sides
  • Trails/paths located in select parks across the community (clearing of trails occurs after the primary routes are completed)

Did you know that the Naperville Park District has more than 17 miles of right of way walks under its jurisdiction? Cleaning every mile of walk would result in a significant number of hours of snow clearing. Instead, our staff does their best to identify areas where there may be only one traversable option, and makes sure that segment is cleared of snow to make it passable.

If you are looking to find out which parks have plowed trails/paths to enjoy some exercise or recreation, please select one of the following maps:

Ashbury Greenway
Ashbury Park
Commissioners Park
Country Lakes Park
DuPage River Trail through Burr Oak
DuPage River Trail through DuPage River Park
DuPage River Trail through DuPage River Sports Complex
DuPage River Trail through Knoch Knolls
DuPage River Trail through Pioneer Park
DuPage River Trail through Veterans Park
DuPage River Trail through Weigand Riverfront Park
DuPage River Trail through West Brach Parkway
Frontier Sports Complex
Meadow Glens
Naperville Riverwalk East
Naperville Riverwalk West
Nike Sports Complex
Wildflower Park
Wil-O-Way Commons Bike Trail
Wolf's Crossing Community Park