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Naperville Park District Scholarship Program

Scholarship Program Overview
The Naperville Park District recognizes the importance of recreation and the health and wellness benefits it provides to people of all ages, both from a physical and mental standpoint. The District created a scholarship program to give residents experiencing financial hardships the opportunity to enjoy recreation programs and realize the benefits of physical activity and socialization opportunities that many people take for granted.


    • The Scholarship Program is available to Naperville Park District residents only
    • Scholarships are awarded to applicants and dependent household members only.
    •  Proof of dependents must be submitted through submission of one of the following:
      -        Applicant’s 1040 tax form for the prior year
      -        SNAP approval letter with dependents listed
      -        AllKids healthcare programs card listing dependents
    • Applicants must supply the Naperville Park District with documentation of participation in one of the following programs at the time of application:
      -         SNAP or Free School Lunch program
      -        Documentation of household gross income within the free limits on the Federal Income Eligibility Guidelines

Scholarship Program Guidelines

    • Scholarships are issued for one year. An applicant must reapply at the end of each calendar year in order to be considered for future scholarships. All scholarships expire on December 31 of the current year unless otherwise stated.
    • Approved applicants will receive a scholarship for one program per Program Guide season, up to a maximum scholarship amount of $100. Requests to cancel and transfer to another class must be received 72 hours prior to the start of class in order to use scholarship funds for another program within that Program Guide season. If the class is a one-day class, cancellation requests must be received one week in advance. Trips cannot be cancelled and are not transferable.
    • Eligible activities include most programs and Centennial Beach memberships. Scholarships may not be used for facility rentals or applied to programs and facilities that require a daily fee for entrance. Beach memberships are non-refundable.
    • Approved applicants may choose to use scholarship funds towards Fort Hill Activity Center fitness or group exercise memberships and pay a discounted rate. For further information or to apply for a membership please visit the Fort Hill Activity Center located at 20 Fort Hill Drive. Memberships are nonrefundable.
    • The preschool scholarship maximum award is $300, comprised of three, $100.00 fee waivers for October (fall), January (winter) and March (spring). Applicants must renew their application by December 30 to be considered for the winter and spring scholarships.
    • All requests for a scholarship must be received a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the start of any requested program/activity. Upon completion of the application, the Park District will notify the applicant within 2 weeks of their scholarship status. The Naperville Park District reserves the right to approve full funding or deny an applicant’s request.
    • All information on the application must be true and accurate. Applicants will be required to provide proof of dependents and may be required to provide additional financial information. The submittal of false information will nullify any request for waiver of program fees.
    • All information in confidential and not a matter of public record.

Download the Scholarship Application
Download the Scholarship Application in Spanish

Download the Scholarship Flyer

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