Remembrance Program

Create a special and lasting memory

The Naperville Park District’s Remembrance Program provides a meaningful way to commemorate a special event such as a wedding, anniversary, or birth of a child. It also makes a wonderful memorial to a loved one.

*Remembrance Trees: $750
Have a tree planted in one of our parks. Trees chosen for planting are 2-1/2”-3” in diameter, which have the best chance of survival after planting; tree planting typically takes place in spring and fall. 

*Please note that through July 31, 2024, Remembrance Tree donations will be accompanied by a customized bronze plaque. Tree orders placed after this date will no longer include a plaque and will be replaced by a certificate that will be given to the donor. 

Knoch Park Memorial Field Baseball Plaques: $500
Knoch Park’s Memorial Field – Ballfield #5 (located along West Street) provides an opportunity to remember a baseball enthusiast with an engraved 10”x10” home plate-shaped plaque displayed on the outer press box wall. This is a unique and visible way to commemorate someone special. 

Remembrance Program FAQs 

  1. If I purchase a Remembrance Tree, how long will it take until it’s planted?  
    There are a few variables to consider when determining the optimal time to plant a tree. Park District staff determine the appropriate time to plant new trees during the fall and spring seasons.  

  2. Why is the Park District discontinuing the custom bronze plaques for the Remembrance Trees Program?
    With requests for plaque placements beneath trees more than doubling in recent years, landscaping and maintenance limitations have been greatly realized across the District. Continuing to acknowledge donations in this manner will not be sustainable for the long term, therefore, beginning August 2024, tree donors will receive a personalized certificate to keep as a memento instead.

  3. If I purchase a home plate plaque to be placed at Knoch Park Memorial Field, how long will it take until it’s installed?
    The Park District works with a foundry to cast the bronze plaque. This is a process that takes approximately 10-12 weeks.

Other Donations
If you are considering making a larger donation to the Park District, these are considered on an individual basis. Please contact Executive Director Brad Wilson at to discuss further.

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