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Capital Projects


The 2014 Capital Budget is a work plan consisting of projects to be implemented in 2014, based on the Strategic Plan, Master Plan, and community surveys. This is a plan identifying projects within the Park District that are proposed to be implemented in 2014. The work plan may be modified throughout the year due to unforeseen conditions and the reallocation of resources.

Each year projects are re-evaluated and adjusted as conditions and facility demands change. The Naperville Park District Board of Commissioners approves the plan on an annual basis.

Capital Plan Definitions:
What are Capital Items?

The Capital Plan consists of items which meet the following criteria:
1) A monetary value of at least $10,000
2) A life cycle of at least 3 years
3) Repair/Replacement of existing facilities
4) Land acquisition and/or construction of facilities through the extension of existing services; and land acquisition and/or construction of facilities through the development of new services

How are the funds raised for these improvements?
In the early 1990’s the Park District Board dedicated a portion of the District’s annual tax levy to be used exclusively for capital improvements to the park system as well as to pay off any park district debts. 

Cash-in-lieu funds are received from the City of Naperville through the Land Dedication Ordinance adopted by the Naperville City Council. This ordinance requires land developers to dedicate 8.6 acres of park land per 1,000 people in any planned development or the cash equivalent of the 8.6 acres.

Alternative revenue, such as grants from the Open Space Lands Acquisition and Development fund (OSLAD) and sponsorships also contribute to Capital Plan funding.

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