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Posted by on in Knoch Knolls Nature Center
Can you spot the snake in this photo? It almost looks like a branch or stick!   But it's a Dekay's Brownsnake, Storeria dekayi, a common native species found throughout the state in forests, prairies, fields and floodplains.   This photo was taken in our upland woodland.    Dekay's Brownsnakes are...
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Posted by on in Knoch Knolls Nature Center
Cooler weather is finally here and the trees have begun to turn! Don't miss out on this beautiful time of year to visit Knoch Knolls Park and the nature center. Through October the nature center is open Monday through Saturday from 9 am - 5 pm and Sunday from 12...
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The Park District’s first-ever Monarch Festival brought more than 700 people to Knoch Knolls Park on Sept. 17 to celebrate and learn about Monarch butterflies and other pollinators. Master Gardeners from the University of Illinois Extension hosted an information table   Visitors watched as Monarch butterflies were released to begin their...
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Plastic has made our lives a whole lot easier and helped advance technology, but it's also accumulating in our environment. Scientists estimate that by 2050 the oceans will contain more plastic than fish!   And recent studies have shown that some plastics actually smell like food to wildlife so they...
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In November 2016, Matt D. turned 30 and decided to change his life.  Since that time, he has lost 160 pounds and gained strength, stamina and the satisfaction of achieving his goals. A fitness member at Fort Hill Activity Center, he graciously agreed to share his story with our Park District...
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In one of the most amazing and fun events of Labor Day Weekend, dogs will run faster than a flying Frisbee® and will leap high into the air for the joy of catching it. The Ashley Whippet K-9 Frisbee® World Championships are coming to Nike Sports Complex, 1520 N. Mill St.,...
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Posted by on in Naperville Park District
  What better way to enjoy the late summer/early fall weather than to head outdoors for a picnic in the park! You don’t have to go far to find a spot to spread out your feast. Your picnic place can be as near as your neighborhood park, as the Naperville Park...
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  It's Monarch Time! We've been collecting Monarch Butterfly eggs from the park and are raising the caterpillars in the nature center. One has already transitioned to an adult. We currently have eggs, caterpillars and chrysalises.  Come in an see this amazing transformation! Please remember that you cannot take any plants...
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The newest activity at Centennial Beach is making a splash this summer:  yoga on a stand up paddle board.  Paddle board yoga combines the peacefulness of floating on the water with the challenge of applying one’s core strength and balance to stay upright.  “The class quickly sold out,” said yoga instructor...
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Scotty Boyajian, one of the players on Springbrook Golf Course’s first PGA Junior League team in 2013, is now competing regularly on the state and regional tournament circuit. Scotty won the Illinois Junior Golf Association’s Players Challenge #3 at Pheasant Run on June 22-23, scoring 69 and 72.   Scotty Boyajian...
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The Green Frog males are calling for the females in the small creek by the nature center! They make a "gluunnk" sound, similar to rubbing your thumb down a balloon. If you look closely you can see them sitting still in the water. Males have a tympanum, or external eardrum,...
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This time of year female aquatic turtles are leaving their watery homes and looking for a place to lay their eggs. To find the perfect spot they may end up crossing roads.  Common Snapping Turtles are usually ready to mate when their top shell, or carapace, measures 8 inches or...
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Sometimes the best incentive to get fit comes from your own family. When Maggie Newlin was looking for something positive and energizing to do outside of her work, she found inspiration from her father, Greg, who has been working out daily for 15 years. “Dad convinced me to get up early,...
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On May 11, Bobby Carlsen and Mike King began their 4-year terms as Naperville Park District Commissioners, while Gerry Heide and Kirsten Young stepped down from their 9 and 8 years of service, respectively. Commissioners Bobby Carlsen and Mike King Meet Our New Commissioners Bobby Carlsen Bobby Carlsen was born and...
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Barn swallows, those amazing aerial acrobats, are nesting on top of and under our deck! They build cup-shaped nest out of mud. Today a naturalist saw them collecting mud from the creek and flying to the deck with it. Males and females work together to make this nest, with the...
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Posted by on in Naperville Park District

National Volunteer Week is April 24-29, and we want to give a shout out to all of the people who serve as volunteers with the Naperville Park District. More than 3,900 individuals gave a total of 95,970 hours to support Park District events and projects in 2016, from coaching youth sports...
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The Virginia Bluebells have started blossoming and will probably be at their peak this week! You can see these beautiful flowers in the Lower Grove picnic area as well as along the trails south of the West Branch of the DuPage River. Like all spring wildflowers, the bluebells are only...
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Did you know that the Park District’s new Fort Hill Activity Center is partially powered by 117 solar panels on its roof?  This new, mostly hidden source of renewable energy is just one of the many eco-friendly features of the Activity Center. A sign posted at the entrance to the Activity...
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Bright colors, springy surfaces, inviting high bars and soft landings…all these and more await eager participants in the gymnastics programs at Fort Hill Activity Center.   “Young children have so much fun in our gymnastics room,” said Gymnastics Coordinator Karen Schmidt. “Our programs are based on fun and safety, with mats...
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Commissioner Marie Todd, re-elected in 2015, explains why she first ran for the Board and what she has learned in her years of service. Commissioner Todd was recently appointed as Co-Chair Elect of the Distinguished Park and Recreation Accreditation Committee for the Illinois Association of Park Districts, and has served as...
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Celebrating Monarchs at Knoch Knolls Park
The Park District’s first-ever Monarch Festival brought more than 700 people to Knoch Knolls Park on Sept. 17 to celebrate and lea...
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