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Bright colors, springy surfaces, inviting high bars and soft landings…all these and more await eager participants in the gymnastics programs at Fort Hill Activity Center.   “Young children have so much fun in our gymnastics room,” said Gymnastics Coordinator Karen Schmidt. “Our programs are based on fun and safety, with mats...
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Commissioner Marie Todd, re-elected in 2015, explains why she first ran for the Board and what she has learned in her years of service. Commissioner Todd was recently appointed as Co-Chair Elect of the Distinguished Park and Recreation Accreditation Committee for the Illinois Association of Park Districts, and has served as...
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The fast-growing sport of pickleball, new to Naperville, is now available at Fort Hill Activity Center, attracting new players every week.   Pickleball players Ed and Jody at the Friday morning open gym at Fort Hill Activity Center Curious about what pickleball is?  A blend of ping-pong and tennis, the game...
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ParkTalk with an Expert:  Knoch Knolls Nature Center Manager Angelique Harshman    Winter at Knoch Knolls Park Winter is a great time to get out and look for wildlife. Overcast days tend to be the best times to see animals, even when it’s a little rainy. But even if you don’t...
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 Nature Center Manager Angelique Harshman gives tips on how to look for wildlife in the winter.   Winter at Knoch Knolls Park Winter is a great time to get out and look for wildlife. Overcast days tend to be the best times to see animals, even when it’s a little rainy....
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On December 13, 2016, Santa House once again hosted a special night for military families and first responders. Reservations filled up quickly. Last year, a heart-warming story came to light about a family's tradition of visiting with Santa on military night. Here is the story again from 2015.  And just a...
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ParkTalk with an Expert: Fort Hill Fitness Center’s nationally certified personal trainers Carl Golloway and Beth Young show you a quick, 10-minute workout that you can do at home or at the gym.     1. Warm-ups – 2 minutes Perform each of the two exercises for about 1 minute: Mountain...
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Tori and Mia’s story In 2014, two 9-year-old girls, Mia and Tori, joined the Park District’s first-ever competition dance class. Their team won second place and a special award in their first completion, making the Park District proud.  Beyond the excitement of that first year, their dance experience has strengthened their...
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Sometimes the fitness boost that you need is just around the corner. As Don discovered,  the road to better health can be as simple as finding a new, friendly place in which to work out.    Don Shields is one of the fitness members at Fort Hill Activity Center, known by...
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Newly retired at age 82, Naperville resident Betty Samuel found Fort Hill Activity Center just in time to start a new fitness routine and a new life. “Fort Hill was made for me!” exclaimed Betty in our first telephone conversation.   Betty Samuel on the track at Fort Hill Activity Center My...
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Mid-October through mid-November is a great time to plant your spring bulbs, including tulips, daffodils, crocuses and hyacinths. Park Specialist Tiffani Picco, manager of the Riverwalk flowers, shows you how to do it like an expert!      ...
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Update as of September 30, 2016: The first youth field hockey team in Naperville is now playing this fall!  2016 Naperville Youth Field Hockey Team. Photo courtesy of Monica Lodge. The Park District’s field hockey clinic has grown enough to support a youth field hockey team, which will play its first...
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Over the past 50 years, 44 Naperville citizens have stepped forward to lead the Naperville Park District as elected commissioners.  Beginning with 5 members, the Board later expanded to 7 members as the community grew.  First Board of Park Commissioners, photo from 1970. Park commissioners serve as volunteers, with no compensation...
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From the 1973 Naperville Park District Summer Program Guide, courtesy of Walter C. Johnson The first 30 years of the Naperville Park District were led by a succession of 3 executive directors: Ernest Nance, Walter Johnson and Glen Ekey.    Ernest Nance, first executive director   Walter C. Johnson, second...
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Trails continue to be one of the most treasured assets in our community. Looking back over the past 50 years in the Naperville Park District’s history, it’s clear that the Park District has played an important role in the development of trails in Naperville, together with our city, counties, forest preserve...
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There’s a secret message at Knoch Knolls Park, and it’s written in trees. “See the Forest (For the Trees)” installed just south of Knoch Knolls Nature Center Everyone is invited to decode the word that is hidden in the seven trees of a new nature art installation by environmental artist, Jenny...
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Do you need help using your tablet, computer or smart phone? Or do you know a friend or family member who does?  For a limited time, through Aug. 18, a student from Neuqua Valley High School is available for one-hour tutoring sessions at the Alfred Rubin Riverwalk Community Center (ARRCC).  ...
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With a grand opening celebration planned for August 27, the Fort Hill Activity Center soon will be hosting a variety of activities in its gymnasiums, including the fast-growing sport of pickleball.    Construction progress at the Fort Hill Activity Center in June 2016   Participants in the June 2016 Pickleball Basics...
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Stephanie:  Experienced, dedicated counselor at Camp LOL at Seager Park Arriving at Seager Park early on Friday morning, my goal was to talk with one of the staff to get a snapshot of a typical day at camp. The camp director introduced me to Stephanie, an experienced counselor at Camp LOL,...
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The 2016 Naperville Senior Games,which concluded on June 24, offered a variety of events for both men and women. In its second year, the Games are still new for Naperville, with plenty of room for growth both in participation and types of events. Ideas for new events are always welcome. Email...
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Explore the World of Gymnastics at Fort Hill Activity Center
Bright colors, springy surfaces, inviting high bars and soft landings…all these and more await eager participants in the gymnastic...
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