Park Police

The Naperville Park District Park Police have been serving the citizens and community of Naperville since 1970.
They are charged with maintaining the peace within all of Naperville's parks and they employ the philosophy of “Achieving Compliance through Customer Service.”

The Park Police, on average, maintain an officer complement of 14 part-time sworn police officers; an additional 5 sworn police officers make up the Park Police Command Staff.

Mission Statement

To provide a high quality of service using the values of the Naperville Park District. The Park Police embrace customer service using the concept of problem-solving and the Community Policing Philosophy.


Naperville Park District Police are the first park police in Illinois to be accredited through the Illinois Law Enforcement Accreditation Program (ILEAP). The accreditation process helps ensure that the Park Police policies and orders comply with state and national standards and promotes good communication, community engagement and transparency.

Park Hours

Sunrise until one hour after sunset
Community Park Hours: As determined by Park District approved programmed activities

Park Police phone numbers

Dial 911 for all emergencies
Officer on duty: 630-601-0925
Chief of Police: 630-848-5049

How we're structured

Patrol Division

This unit interacts with the community most often. They are the first-responders to all calls and incidents at the Park District. The Park Service Officer (PSO) Corps also is a part of this division. They are assigned to monitoring duties at Centennial Beach and the Riverwalk.

E-Bike/ATV/UTV Patrols

The patrol uses police bikes/ATVs and UTVs to get from place to place and are responsible for patrolling the Riverwalk and bike trails.

Event Security

We provide event security to ensure the safety of our guests at various events and activities. This includes events held at Naperville Park District facilities as well as community events.

Contesting a Ticket

To contest a citation, please email  within 5 calendar days of issuance of the citation.
Please include the following information:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Today's date
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Citation number
  • Date of issuance of citation
  • Ordinance number of alleged violation
  • Reasons for contesting citation
  • Attach any additional evidence (if necessary)

Feedback Form for Complaints and Compliments

To submit a complaint or compliment to the Naperville Park District Park Police, please use the park police complaint and compliment form located here..

Ordinance 641

Ordinance 641 is the Park District governance of our parks and property and various usage issues of our parks and facilities. Specifically, the Ordinance addresses the following: golfing in parks, after-hours park usage, parking on grass, swimming, skating and fishing on our ponds, alcohol use and sound amplification, unleashed dogs, biking and skating, sales and vending, fireworks and weapons, encroachment issues and more.

View Ordinance 641

Park Police Services

We provide many different services to the Naperville community. These include:

Parking and Traffic

Ensuring that parking is controlled and organized so that available space is utilized to its maximum potential.

Encroachment Investigations

Investigating when debris is dumped on Park District property or when individual property is extended onto District property. Park Police enforces encroachment policy and ensures that these situations are handled appropriately.

Community Education and Relations

Providing education related to crime prevention, gang awareness, Safety Town and more.

Park Facility Checks

Ensuring that parks, facilities and structures are inspected for unsafe conditions and reported for repair.

Park District Police Celebrate 50 Years

Posted on August 4, 2020
by Naperville Community Television