ParkTalk Podcast: The Growth of Naperville Golf

Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Episode Description:

The game of golf has seen a boom in popularity across the country, and that surge has been felt at the Naperville Park District. Director of Golf, Kevin Carlson and Springbrook Head Golf Professional, Mike Lyzun sit down to discuss the growth of Park District golf and the golf facilities at the Naperville Park District.

Quotes from the Episode:

Significance in 50-year milestone at Springbrook Golf Course?

The importance, to me, is that Springbrook provides an opportunity for the community to come out, to compete in tournaments, and recreate. As a junior golfer, when I was growing up, it was a safe place to be. One of the things that attracted me to becoming a golf professional was giving back to what I experienced when I was a kid. – Mike Lyzun

Thoughts on the long-term prospects regarding growth in the game of golf?

In my eyes, I think the prospects for the game of golf are really positive. There are new and returning golfers, which is important for the future of the game. We’re also seeing an increase of play at “non golf course” areas, such as Top Golf and golf simulators. Those are bringing in new golfers as well. The technology aspect of the game is helping us grow the game. – Kevin Carlson

Ways new golfers can learn or improve in the sport?

At both courses, we have instructional programs beginning at age 5 to adults who have never touched a golf club. League participation has increased as well, and our women and senior leagues have exploded over the last few years. Besides the instructional side, we’re providing recreational and competitive opportunities. – Mike Lyzun