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95th Street Center Information

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Project Background
The Naperville Park District will lease approximately 11,500 square feet of indoor programming and classroom space at the Fry Property Building, located at 2244 West 95th Street in south Naperville. Currently, the District's programmable indoor facilities are located near downtown Naperville with little recreation space provided south of 75th Street. The leased space will give the District a presence in south Naperville, increase convenient access to several of our programs and evaluate how well we can meet the recreation needs of that sector of the community.

In both the 2009 and 2012 Community Interest & Opinion Survey, south Naperville residents have told us that they would like to see the Park District offer programs at locations that are convenient to them.

1.Why is the District leasing space versus building a facility?
- It will give the District a presence in south Naperville and provide the District with the ability to immediately address programming needs.
- This space will provide residents with convenient access to a variety of Park District programs.
- The Barn Recreation Center is nearing the end of its useful life. Leased space would allow for some programs to be relocated from the Barn.
- The District will have the opportunity to further evaluate recreation needs in this area of the community.
- It will provide Western DuPage Special Recreation Association (WDSRA) with a presence in south Naperville where a significant number of their participants reside.

2.What does the leased space include?
The Naperville Park District's 95th Street indoor programming space at the Fry Property building will include over 11,500 square feet of program and classroom space. The space includes:
- 3 multipurpose rooms
- 2 classrooms
- 1 culinary teaching kitchen with 6 full kitchen teaching stations
- A lounge/waiting area
- A full service customer service counter
- Staff offices

3.How much will the lease cost annually?
The Naperville Park District negotiated terms of the lease, which would cost approximately $230,000 per year. This includes all utilities, building maintenance, custodial and landscaping costs.

4.How will the lease be funded?
It will not involve a tax increase. The lease willbe funded through a combination of user fees generated from programs, rentals of the facility space and potentially alternative revenue. Also, since a portion of the classrooms will be used by WDSRA, a portion of the lease will be offset by special recreation funds.

5.What are the terms of the lease?
The 95th Street indoor programming space lease has an initial term of 3 years and 2 months, commencing in November 2012. The Naperville Park District has the option to extend the lease for two additional single years.

6.What programs and services will be available at the 95th Street facility?
The Naperville Park District 95th Street indoor programming space will offer a variety of programs for all ages. Potential programs include:
- Dance and Performing Arts classes
- Health and Wellness programs
- Early Childhood and Youth classes
- Culinary programs
- Hands-on arts & crafts programs
- Programs for seniors
- And, much more

7.How will this arrangement be beneficial to residents?
- It will provide a convenient location for residents to take several different Park District programs.
- It will provide an alternative location for program registration.
- This state-of-the-art facility will house some of the programs to be eventually relocated from The Barn.

8.When is the facility scheduled to open?
The lease is scheduled to commence in November 2012. The facility will open to the public shortly thereafter. Grand opening and program information will be available this fall.

9.What about the residents in the north? What about indoor space for them?
The Naperville Park District currently provides facilities in Naperville's central and northern regions. However, it does not have adequate representation in south Naperville.

The District is continually measuring overall residents' needs across the community. Additionally, our master plan and 10-year capital plan provides direction for the District to plan for the kinds of facilities and amenities that our residents need. The District's ultimate goal is to provide equitable distribution of facilities and programs to suit the needs of our residents.

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