Naperville Youth Basketball (NYB)

Each player must wear the league uniform which is a blue and white reversible jersey. Any player who does not have a blue and white reversible jersey or who needs to replace theirs will need to purchase one for an additional fee; jerseys can be purchased at the Fort Hill Activity Center. School sites, which will be used for practices, are to be determined by the Park District. Because not every school is available for practices, some teams may practice at a neighboring school rather than the school attended by team members. A weekly practice will be scheduled for each team but is not always guaranteed and is dependent on facility availability.

There are two seasons for NYB - Fall (October-December) and Winter (January-March)

Games are played on Saturdays between 7:30 a.m.-7:00 p.m. at the Fort Hill Activity Center. Practices are held at assigned school locations throughout Naperville.


Winter Season: January 23-March 17

Winter Season: February 4-March 18

Team Assignments:
Teams are created according to the following criteria when registered by January 6:
1. School attended
2. Grade
3. Balance of gender
4. Roster size
In general, our goal is to keep players from the same school on the same team. Should enrollment numbers and roster maximums not accommodate this practice, schools may be combined to form teams. Team maximums are based on enrollment numbers at the time of the registration deadline.

Registration Information: 
Registration can be found in the Fall (August) and Winter (November) Program Guide 

To begin the registration process, payment and a signed waiver must be submitted with your registration form. Each season new teams are formed and grouped by grade. Players are not guaranteed the same team each season.

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First-Time Registrants:
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Coaches and Players Manual:
Click here to download the 2017 NYB manual 

Volunteers and Coaches:
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Coaching Outline: Grade-1st
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