Strike Guard:  Lightning Detection System

Naperville District has installed the STRIKE GUARD Lightning detection systems at the following locations:

  • Centennial Beach/Park
  • Commissioners Park
  • DuPage River Sports Complex
  • Frontier Park
  • Knoch Park
  • Naperbrook Golf Course
  • Nike Sports Complex
  • Springbrook Golf Course
  • Wolf's Crossing Community Park

This sophisticated computer system provides warning when dangerous conditions are detected. The system consists of sensors that measure lightning strikes in an 8-10 mile radius. When conditions indicate that lightning has occurred, a signal is sent to an alarm horn. The signal provides an 8- to-12 minute warning that allows one to clear the area and seek shelter. It is recommended that when the warning system is activated (15-second horn blast and strobe light flash), the park sites affected be cleared and activities not be resumed until the all-clear signal is given (3 short horn blasts and a cessation of the strobe light). These alarm tones are distinctly different from any current public alarm tones. It is recommended that park patrons and staff immediately seek shelter in their vehicles. If such shelter is unavailable, patrons should avoid areas that are higher than the surrounding landscapes, not to use a tree for shelter, and keep away from metal objects such as bicycles, golf carts, umbrellas, etc.

While this system provides warnings after lighting has been sighted please do not fail to seek shelter if inclement weather is present. If it is the opinion of the Park staff, teacher, coach, referee, or the general public that the weather situation is not safe, do not wait for horns to activate – CLEAR THE AREA! Take shelter in your vehicles anytime lightning is seen, or thunder is heard.

The system operates from Spring through the Fall, 24 hours per day. The sirens are silenced from 11:00 PM until 700 AM, but the strobe lights continue to work during the silenced period.

Click below to hear what the alarm sounds like

Alarm Sound - Horn-Siren

Click below to hear what the all clear sounds like

All Clear Sound - Horn Intermittent