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Ron Ory Community Garden Plots


Nothing is quite as satisfying as planting seeds and seeing nature's blessing emerge through the soil - except possibly eating the harvest! People who like to garden but don't have much space may want to sign up for one of the District's garden plots. Full sized plots are 29 X 18 feet and half size plots are 14.5 X 18 feet (approximately). We provide a limited number of watering spigots. Hand-held watering containers will be needed; no hoses are allowed. Plant and seed purchases are the responsibility of each gardener.

Please remember the following as you begin to prepare for planting.

- Garden plots are identified with a numbered wooden stake placed in the center of each plot. Four corner flags also mark each plot; adjoining plots will have common flags. Full size plots will be marked with a number and a single letter; half size plots are marked with a number and a double letter. Please do not remove the stake or the flags.

- Before planting, check and make sure you are in the correct plot. You may mark the boundaries of your plot but you may not extend your plot beyond the designated boundary lines. The Park District is not responsible for costs incurred for replanting.

- While the Park District tills the soil at the beginning of the season, gardeners may need to till again just prior to planting.

Garden Plot Map
Click Here - for the Garden Plot Map

Full Plot – 29’ x 18’
Half Plot – 14.5’ x 18’

Please note that Garden Plots are not available for online registration.

Registration Dates

PLEASE NOTE: Registrations are no longer accepted at the Administration Building at 320. W. Jackson Ave.

Registration for Garden Plots and Garden Plots Parking Permits Pick-Up
Visit the 2nd floor of the Alfred Rubin Riverwalk Community Center at 305 W. Jackson Ave, Naperville, IL 60540, Monday -Friday from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm.

Feb. 6 – Feb. 24 – Priority Registration for Returning Residents
Gardeners will be limited to one plot during priority registration.Forms may be mailed to Alfred Rubin Riverwalk Community Center and will be processed in order of arrival. However, we recommend in person registration so you can pick up your parking permit when you register.

Feb. 27 – Transfers Begin for Gardeners That Registered During Priority Registration
Transfers must be done in person at the Alfred Rubin Riverwalk Community Center at 305 W. Jackson Ave, 2nd floor; requests will be processed in order that they are received.

Mar. 20 – Garden Plots Registration Open to Naperville Park District Residents
Registration must be done in person at Alfred Rubin Riverwalk Community Center at 305 W. Jackson Ave, 2nd floor; requests will be processed in the order that they are received.

Mar. 23 – Registration Opens to Nonresidents and Gardeners Requesting a Second Plot
Registration must be done in person at Alfred Rubin Riverwalk Community Center at 305 W. Jackson Ave, 2nd floor; requests will be processed in the order that they are received.

For questions about the garden plots, call 630-848-3615.

Ron Ory Community Garden Plot Guidelines
sfdf - Read the guidlines before planting

2017 Garden Plot Fees
Full Size Plot Resident - $43
Full Size Plot Nonresident - $63
Full Size Plot Resident Senior - $35
Full Size Plot Nonresident Senior - $51
Half Size Plot Resident - $23
Half Size Plot Nonresident - $34
Half Size Plot Resident Senior - $18
Half Size Plot Nonresident Senior - $27
Raised Plot (ADA Accessible) Resident - $22
Raised Plot (ADA Accessible) Nonresident - $33
Raised Plot (ADA Accessible) Resident Senior - $17
Raised Plot (ADA Accessible) Nonresident Senior - $26

Full Plot – 29’ x 18’
Half Plot – 14.5’ x 18’

Ron Ory Community Garden Plots Hosted the Park District’s First Honeybee Hives Last Spring
The honeybees have arrived! The queens and her workers took up residence on April 22 in the three hives built just for them in the District’s Garden Plots. They will be busy this summer pollinating the plants in the Garden Plots and surrounding areas. Most fruits and vegetables you harvest from your garden are provided courtesy of bees. One-third of crops we eat in the U.S. are pollinated by honeybees, the wasp’s less aggressive cousin. Unfortunately, since 2006, billions of honeybees have died worldwide. Scientists don’t know exactly why it’s happening but suspect that a combination of viruses, parasites, pesticides, habitat loss and stress may all be factors. Colony Collapse Disorder, or CCD, has scientists, farmers and even economists very concerned. By adding three honeybee hives to the Garden Plots we’re increasing the local bee population and helping to ensure that your garden has enough pollinators to keep blooming all season long!

If you have further questions about the honey bees at the Garden Plots, please contact Beth Myers at 630-848-5038. 

Benefits of Community Gardening
Did you know that community gardening has multiple benefits that are felt and seen not only by the gardeners themselves, but that are enjoyed by an entire community? The primary benefits of community gardening include:
- Municipal Costs
- Pocket Parks
- Exercise
- Improved Diets
- Food Production
- Youth Education
- Cultural Opportunities
- Horticultural Therapy
- Crime Prevention

If you'd like to learn more, click here to read some excerpts taken from a document titled, "The Multiple Benefits of Community Gardening." This information is being used with written consent from Gardening Matters in Minneapolis, MN

Follow the Ron Ory Community Garden Plots on Facebook!
We have a Facebook group for our Garden Plots participants and we’d like you to join us.

Garden Plots Project Historical Information
Click Here for historical information regarding the West Street Garden Plots project and previously proposed DuPage River Park location.

Photo Gallery

Garden Plots

Cabbage.JPGDSC01563.JPGDSC01565.JPGGarden Plots - Cons at Home 6-22-11.JPGGarden Plots - Plant a Row 6-22-11.JPGGround cherries close up.JPGGround cherry plants.JPGMilkweed pods.JPGPaul Stoffels, Jan Gricus, Ron Ory.JPGRed Okra flower.JPGTall Bluestem grasses.JPGTomatillos.JPG

  Photo Galleries

Where are the Ron Ory Community Garden Plots Located
Naperville Park District Garden Plots 811 S. West Street, Naperville 630.848.5000

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