Fee Assistance Program

The Naperville Park District recognizes the importance of recreation and the health and wellness benefits it provides to people of all ages, both from a physical and mental standpoint. The Park District's Fee Assistance Program gives residents experiencing financial hardships the opportunity to enjoy recreation programs and realize the benefits of physical activity and socialization that many people take for granted.

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Help Give the Gift of Recreation

More Naperville residents than you might think are facing financial hardship. The Naperville Park District's Fee Assistance Program gives those in financial need the benefits of recreation. Here are some key facts:

  • 16% of students in Naperville School Districts 203 and 204 receive public aid
  • Since 2008, the Park District's Fee Assistance Program has grown 270%
  • In 2021, 167 individuals of all ages benefited from the Fee Assistance Program by participating in recreation activities

Your donation of any amount can help provide experiences like summer camp, Centennial Beach memberships, preschool and senior exercise programs. Participants benefit from boosting emotional health and fitness, making social connections and much more.

Building a Healthier, Happier Community

Naperville School Districts 203 and 204 have reported significant numbers of low income and homeless students.

Physical activity is linked to better performance in school and increased emotional health.

The Park District is committed to providing solutions in the fight against obesity. That means making recreation programs accessible to everyone.

The Park District offers a wide range of programs (sports, arts, environmental, etc.) in a recreational environment. Oftentimes, regardless of the type of activity, participants take away important life lessons or discover something that they're passionate about. This can lead to greater fulfillment in life and increased satisfaction in general.

Stories from Participants

"My twin boys, who are four years old, are enrolled in an art in action class. October 3rd was their first class.  The very next day, when they woke up, they both asked me, 'Are we going back to that class, where we built a guitar?  We want to go there TODAY!' They truly enjoy it and their teacher is so wonderful and so great with kids! " - Parent 1

"I have kids with sensory issues and it is very challenging to make sure that my children are getting enough sensory stimulation throughout the day. Through the fee assistance program I was able to get them into a few different activities throughout the year to keep them engaged and active. It also gives me the ability to engage with my community and feel connected to other moms in the area." - Parent 2

The District continues to serve a growing need through its Fee Assistance Program, which is illustrated in the chart below.

Year Total Number of
Applications Approved
Annual Fee
Assistance Funding
2010 80 $12,720
2011 110 $21,617
2012 119 $30,750
2013 102 $24,580
2014 136 $32,652
2015 158 $31,783
2016 177 $38,096
2017 181 $46,764
2018 180 $45,949
2019 211 $53,047
2020* 109 $10,317
2021 167 $34, 867
2022 155 $33,032
2023 129 $30,172

*2020 data shows a dramatic decrease, but this is due to COVID-19 related impacts.

Your donation of any amount can help offset some of the costs associated with providing free programs for those in need. Thank you in advance for your consideration and generous support.

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Do I Qualify?


  • The Fee Assistance Program is available to Naperville Park District residents only.
  • Assistance is awarded to applicants and dependent household members only.
  • Proof of dependents must be submitted through submission of one of the following:
    • Applicant's 1040 tax form for the prior year
    • SNAP approval letter with dependents listed
    • AllKids healthcare programs card listing dependents
  • Applicants must supply the Naperville Park District with documentation of participation in one of the following programs at the time of application:
    • SNAP or Free School Lunch program or documentation of household gross income within the free limits on the Federal Income Eligibility Guideline

Program Guidlines

  • Assistance is issued for one year. An applicant must reapply at the end of each calendar year in order to be considered for future assistance. All assistance expires on December 31 of the current year unless otherwise stated.
  • Approved applicants will receive assistance for one program per Program Guide season, up to a maximum amount of $100. Requests to cancel and transfer to another class must be received 72 hours prior to the start of class in order to use funds for another program within that Program Guide season. If the class is a one-day class, cancellation requests must be received one week in advance. Trips cannot be cancelled and are not transferable.
  • Eligible activities include most programs and Centennial Beach memberships. Assistance may not be used for facility rentals or applied to programs and facilities that require a daily fee for entrance. Beach memberships are non-refundable.
  • Approved applicants ages 15 and up may choose to purchase a quarterly fitness membership at a reduced rate of $52.50. For further information or to apply for a membership please visit the Fort Hill Activity Center located at 20 Fort Hill Drive. Memberships are nonrefundable.
  • The preschool maximum assistance award is $300, comprised of three, $100.00 fee waivers for October (fall), January (winter) and March (spring). Applicants must renew their application by December 30 to be considered for winter and spring assistance.
  • All requests for assistance must be received a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the start of any requested program/activity. Upon completion of the application, the Park District will notify the applicant within 2 weeks of their assistance status. The Naperville Park District reserves the right to approve full funding or deny an applicant's request.
  • All information on the application must be true and accurate. Applicants will be required to provide proof of dependents and may be required to provide additional financial information. The submittal of false information will nullify any request for waiver of program fees.
  • All information is confidential and not a matter of public record.

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