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Winter Sports Facilities


Sled Hills
The following hills are located in neighborhood parks and close at dusk.
- Arrowhead Park, 711 Iroquois Avenue
- Brook Crossings, 1015 95th Street
- Country Lakes Park, 1835 North Aurora Road
- Gartner Park, 524 W Gartner Road
- May Watts Park, 804 S. Whispering Hills Drive
- Rotary Hill,  440 Aurora Ave.

Riverwalk Sled Hill at Rotary Hill
There is great sledding right on the Naperville Riverwalk. The Riverwalk Sled Hill at Rotary Hill provides fun for the entire family. Sledders should bring their own inner tubes or plastic sleds. Wooden sleds and metal-runner sleds are not permitted. The Riverwalk Sled Hill closes at 9:00 p.m. except on Fridays and Saturdays, when it remains open until 10:00 p.m.

Sledding Rules and Regulations
Sled hills will open when the soil is frozen and there are two or more inches of snow with no visible grass.
Please note that sledders assume full risk and responsibility for determining that all conditions are safe for sledding. Parent/ adults are responsible for supervising their children 8 years of age and younger.

When sledding, remember:
- Keep your sled under control.
- Avoid other sledders and objects.
- Move quickly out of the path of other sledders.
- Climb uphill along the side of the slope.
- Children ages 8 and younger must be supervised by an adult.
- Only inner tubes and plastic sleds are allowed. Toboggans and sleds with metal runners are not permitted.
- No more than two persons are permitted on a sled at one time.
- Snowboards are not allowed on sled hills.
- Violation of posted rules may result in suspension from the sled hill and/or a fine.

Weigand Riverfront Park, 2436 S. Washington Street The hill at Weigand Riverfront Park may be used only as a snowboarding hill. Snowboards are restricted on all other Park District hills. Sledding is not allowed at Weigand Riverfront Park. Please note that snowboarders assume full risk and responsibility for determining that all conditions are safe for snowboarding. The snowboarding hill at Weigand Riverfront Park closes at dusk. Parent/adults are responsible for supervising children 8 years of age and younger.

Ice Rinks    Season is Dec. 15-Feb. 15 (weather-permitting)
Skating areas typically open on or after December 15; however, they can open only after a period of extreme cold. Weather and conditions permitting, the skating season continues through February 15.

To Check the Status of Skating Areas

The following ice rinks are lighted and open until 10:00 p.m.
- Centennial Park, 500 W. Jackson Avenue
- Commissioners Park, 3704 111th Street
- Nike Sports Complex, 288 W. Diehl

The following ice rinks are not lighted and close at dusk
- Meadow Glens 1303 Muirhead Avenue
- Gartner Park 524 W. Gartner Road
- Rotary Hill 440 Aurora Ave.

Hockey and broomball play is allowed only at the two boarded rinks at Centennial Park.  A third rink at Centennial Park is for free skating only. No pucks or sticks are allowed on free-skating areas. 

Lights may be turned off early in the event of low attendance. Please do not skate after 10:00 p.m. since this is when the ice is flooded and groomed. Skating on the soft ice ruins skating for the next day.

Ice Rink Reminders
- The ice rinks are natural rinks that are dependent on weather conditions for ice quality.
- The rinks are designed for recreational skating only and are not maintained at professional or competitive skating standards.
- A minimum of 72 hours of constant temperatures of 15° or below is necessary before the ice-making process may begin.
- Ice skating season is December 15-February 15, weather permitting.

Ice Rink Rules and Regulations
- Hockey is allowed only on hockey board rinks at Centennial Park. No pucks or sticks are allowed on freeskating areas.
- No alcoholic beverages are allowed.
- Skate safely and in a controlled manner to avoid collisions with other skaters.
- Refrain from offensive language and behavior.
- No bottles or glass are allowed on rinks.
- Children ages 8 and younger must be supervised by an adult.
- Violation of posted rules may result in suspension from the ice rink and/or a fine



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