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Sportsman's Park

735 S. West Street
Naperville, IL
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Attend the Grand Opening of Sportsman’s Park Saturday, October 3 at 9:30 a.m.
The Naperville Park District invites the community to celebrate the grand opening of Sportsman’s Park, located at 735 S. West St. The event will take place at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, October 3 near the clubhouse and parking lot on the west side of the park. Learn more

The trapshooting range at Sportsman's Park is open to the public and features a clubhouse and three lighted trap fields. Anyone who enjoys the sport of trapshooting is invited to come out and shoot. Year-round shooting hours are Thursdays, 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and Sundays, noon to 6:00 p.m., with no sign-up taken after 4:00 p.m. The facility is located on West Street, just north of the Community Garden Plots and across from Knoch Park.  Please note that the range will be closed on the following dates in 2015.

Range Closed On:
January 1st, New Year’s Day
April 5th, Easter
May 10th, Mother’s Day
May 21st, NCHS Commencement Rain Day (Closed only if commencement on May 20th is rained out.)
July 5th, Fourth of July Fireworks Rain Day (Closed only if fireworks on July 4th are rained out.)
November 26th, Thanksgiving
December 24th, Christmas Eve
December 31st, New Year’s Eve

Fees for shooting are $10.75 for club members, $12.00 for residents, and $13.25 for nonresidents. The fee includes 25 clay targets and shotgun shells. Additional fees are posted on-site for Doubles and Target Only rounds.  Sportsman's Park is a steel-shot-only range. Eye and ear protection is mandatory and shooters must provide their own shotguns and F.O.I.D. card. 

Click here to view the Sportsman’s Park Trapshooting Range Rules.

The Sportsman's Park Community Clubhouse is used by several Park District programs and also is available for rental through the Park District administrative office. It offers a perfect setting for various group functions. Building capacity is limited to 50. For rental information, call (630) 848-5000. For information about the Naperville Sportsman's Club visit their website at

Click here to enlarge trail map

Current Projects:

January 2015 Park Improvements Update

Landscape work will continue at Sportsman's Park in 2015. A trail will be added on the east side of the park with over 140 trees. New fencing will be installed and final details will be completed in the parking lot and clubhouse area. The access road to the parking lot will be paved. Inside the clubhouse, renovations will bring the interior up to ADA compliance.

May 2014 Park Improvements Update

Site Remediation:
The Naperville Park District (NPD), in cooperation with the City of Naperville, has enrolled Sportsman’s Park in the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) Site Remediation Program (SRP) to secure IEPA oversight of an environmental assessment and remediation of the Sportsman's Park facility. The objective of these activities is to obtain a No Further Remediation (NFR) determination from the IEPA and to remove certain regulations, conditions and restrictions presently imposed upon the Facility in order to continue the current uses and programs at Sportsman’s Park, including trapshooting.

“Phase I” of the remediation, limited to the area generally described as outside the fence line, was performed in the fall of 2013. The Phase II remediation plan was approved by the IEPA and Naperville Park District Board of Commissioners approved a contract for the site work, which will begin in May 2014. Phase II includes excavation, treatment, removal, and replenishment of the soil within the area shown on the Phase II Remediation Restoration Site Plan. This area is bounded by a red line on the map and labeled as “Limits of Work”

Sportsman’s Park Phase II Remediation Restoration Site Plan  

Site Restoration and Improvements
Following the Phase II Site Remediation, the Park District will plant approximately 150 new trees plus shrubs, native vegetation and turf. The trees outside the fall zone will remain in place. The berm and evergreens along West Street together with existing vegetation on the perimeter of the site will continue to serve as a buffer between the park and neighboring properties.

The Phase II Site Plan shows the natural areas and improvements that will follow the remediation in 2014. This plan includes natural area restoration and new walking paths that will allow the public to enjoy more of this unique park. Additional site improvements will include a paved access drive and parking lot, improvements to the Clubhouse, new walkways and trapshooting stations, and the replacement of trap field lighting.

Funding for the park improvements (excluding the remediation) will be provided, in part, by a grant from the City of Naperville’s Special Events and Cultural Amenities (SECA) fund.


Since 1988, the Naperville Park District (NPD) has managed Sportsman’s Park under a 99 year lease from the City of Naperville. Since approximately 1948, Sportsman's Park has been used for a variety of shooting sports activities, including programs conducted by the Naperville Sportsman's Club. In 1988, trapshooting at the facility became a Park District program offered through the assistance of the Naperville Sportsman’s Club. Participation in the program and use of the facility is open to the public.

In the late 1980s and mid 1990s, the NPD voluntarily commissioned multiple soil and groundwater investigations in order to understand the environmental risks associated with the property usage. The investigations included Sportsman's Park and adjoining public use properties including Von Oven Scout Reservation, Community Garden Plots and Knoch Park. These investigations were evaluated by the IEPA Pre-Notice Site Cleanup Program (now the Site Remediation Program).

In 1998, The IEPA issued a No Further Remediation (NFR) determination for lead for the Von Oven Scout Reservation, Community Garden Plots, Knoch Park and portions of Sportsman's Park currently accessible to the general public. In general, the NFR signifies that conditions at the aforementioned sites require no further action to protect human health or the environment. Similarly, based upon the results of multiple investigations over time, the Agency has determined that soil and groundwater conditions do not pose a threat to potable groundwater wells in the area.

Under the terms of a Settlement Agreement entered into by NPD, the City and other parties, NPD must operate Sportsman’s Park in accordance with the conditions of a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit issued and administered by the IEPA. These conditions include preventative measures such as limiting access to the trapshooting areas, posting signage and implementing environmental best management practices at the Park (e.g., banning the use of lead shot and requiring the use of environmentally friendly steel shot and biodegradable targets).

Today, the Park District's stewardship philosophy has evolved to incorporate ecological sustainability and there's a commitment to the restoration of the remaining areas of Sportsman's Park for soils and groundwater by obtaining a no further remediation determination from the IEPA SRP.

Question & Answer:
1. What is the Illinois EPA Site Remediation Program?
The Illinois EPA Site Remediation Program is a voluntary program that allows the applicant to seek Illinois EPA review and, where warranted, regulatory approval of remedial actions. The objective of the site remediation activities is to receive a No Further Remediation determination.

2. What is a No Further Remediation determination?
The NFR letter signifies a release from further responsibilities under the Illinois Environmental Protection Act ("Act") and is considered prima facie evidence that the site does not constitute a significant risk of harm to human health and the environment, so long as the site is utilized in accordance with the terms of the NFR letter.

The IEPA has already issued NFR letters for lead to the Von Oven Scout Reservation, Community Garden Plots, Knoch Park and portions of Sportsman's Park current accessible to the general public.

3. What is the process for obtaining a no further remediation determination?
Regulations identifying Program procedures and standards are found in 35 Ill. Adm. Code 740 and 742. Obtaining an NFR determination is achieved through regulatory approval of four reporting milestones, briefly described below:

1)      Focused Site Investigation Report (FSIR): In general, the FSIR report documents that the three dimensional extent of impact in soil and groundwater has been defined to the satisfaction of the Agency.

2)      Remediation Objectives Report (ROR): In general, the ROR establishes the remediation objectives for exposure pathways, including soil ingestion, soil inhalation and groundwater ingestion.

3)      Remedial Action Plan (RAP): In general, this report outlines the proposed remedial measures for obtaining the approved remedial objective.

4)      Remedial Action Completion Report (RACR): In general, this report documents the remedial measure(s) and demonstrates that the site meets the conditions for an NFR determination.

The Illinois EPA provides information about the Site Remediation Program here:

The graphic shown below summarizes the entire site remediation process, indicating what has been completed and what tasks remain.

4. When will the remediation be completed? How long will this process take?
“Phase I” of the remediation, limited to the area generally described as outside the fence line, was completed in the fall of 2013. The Remedial Action Plan for the balance of the Site Remediation, “Phase II”, was approved by the IEPA in February 2014. Remediation is scheduled to take place during the 2014 construction season. The NFR letter for the entire Sportsman’s Park is anticipated after project completion.

5. What does the remediation process consist of?
In general, the remediation will primarily consist of the removal of impacted soils for disposal in a licensed landfill together with landscape enhancements, including the removal of invasive species and new plantings.  In order to comply with the IEPA approved plan for each Phase, limited soils will require the application of a stabilization reagent.  Impacted areas will be restored with imported backfill and new landscaping.  In order to demonstrate that the Site meets the standard for a NFR determination, confirmatory sampling of remnant soils will be performed. 

6. What is the cost of the remediation work and park improvements?
A Phase I construction work was completed in 2013 under the budgeted amount of $490,000. The construction contract for Phase II remediation and the park improvements that will follow the remediation was approved in the amount of $2,938,956. The overall project cost including engineering through all phases will be approximately $5 million.

7. Are the NPD facilities safe?
Yes. All NPD operated areas accessible to the general public in the vicinity of the Sportsman's Park have received a No Further Remediation letter for lead from the Illinois EPA SRP, including Knoch Park, Von Oven and the Community Garden Plots. Publicly accessible portions of Sportsman's Park (the area outside the fence) have also received an NFR for lead.

The portion of Sportsman's Park within the fence area remains safe for use for trapshooting activities and, until the NFR determination is received, will continue to be subject to the conditions imposed by the IEPA in the NPDES permit.

8. Is the Sportsman’s Park Clubhouse safe?
Yes. The vicinity of the Sportsman's Park Clubhouse has received an Illinois EPA NFR determination for Lead. The use of lead shot has been banned from Sportsman's Park since 2000. Since that time, the NPD has performed periodic lead wipe sampling events and groundwater sampling events at the facility. The results of the Clubhouse evaluation did not indicate a risk of exposure to Lead.

9. Is the groundwater in the vicinity of the Sportsman's Park suitable for public use?
Yes. In 1997, the Illinois EPA evaluated the results of soil and groundwater information regarding the Park and determined that the site conditions "did not indicate a groundwater contamination risk to surrounding wells. As outlined in the 2013 Focused Site Investigation Report, nine groundwater monitoring wells were sampled in 2012. The results indicated that Total Lead did not exceed groundwater or drinking water standards."

Following the EPA determination, the on-site potable well was tested for Lead in 2008 and 2011. The results of the evaluation indicated that the groundwater met the Federal requirements for groundwater resources.

In order to obtain a NFR determination, additional groundwater analysis will be required.

10. Will the remediation of soils require disturbance of the wooded areas of Sportsman’s Park?
The investigation showed that the wooded areas, including the trees themselves, contain the lead that must be removed.  Accordingly, tree and vegetation removal is unavoidable in the short term but necessary for the long-term health of Sportsman’s Park and those who will use it.  In addition to assessing soil and groundwater impact values, the NPD has completed natural resource due diligence activities including a wetlands survey, a tree survey, and threatened/endangered species consultation

The Phase II Remediation Restoration Site Plan illustrates the final restoration improvements associated with the project.

11. Will the NFR determination include the natural resources areas of the park?
Yes. The IEPA reporting events and associated natural resource permits include an evaluation of soil, groundwater, surface water and sediment. Management of the Park wetlands during remediation will be performed under a permit reviewed by DuPage County and the City of Naperville.

12. Why are the NPD and the City of Naperville undertaking the remediation of Sportsman's Park at this time?
The NPD and the City of Naperville are undertaking remediation work now as the logical next step in the stewardship of Sportsman's Park. A number of the preventative measures installed to protect the public and wildlife are nearing the end of their lifecycles and will, over the next 10 years, require extensive maintenance and replacement. Those resources are, instead, being devoted to studying and removing the underlying reasons for the existence of the preventative measures in the first place. Moreover, in the time since the preventative measures were first introduced, the science and techniques for understanding and remedying the issues have advanced so that they can now be undertaken with less impact on the public's use of Sportsman's Park or the surrounding facilities.

13. Where can I go for additional information about this project?
Copies of the reports submitted to the IEPA SRP are available for public review at the following Park District facilities: Admin. Building at 320 W. Jackson Ave. and 95th Street Center at 2244 W. 95th Street.

Note: the electronic file size of the Phase I Remedial Objectives Report (ROR), Phase I Remedial Action Plan (RAP), Phase II ROR, and Phase II RAP documents are too large to post on this project page. As such, hard-copy versions of the document are available at the Administration Building (320 W. Jackson Avenue) and 95th Street Center (2244 W. 95th Street) during normal business hours (Monday - Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. and Saturday: 9 a.m. - noon (Administration Building only)).

Phase I Remediation Area Restoration and Grading Concept Plan

Phase I: Environmental Site Assessment Document


Section 1 (658 kb) fsdfsdfsd
Introduction, Site Description, User Provided Information, Records Review, Site Reconnaissance, Interviews, Findings, Opinions and Conclusions, Deviations and Data Gaps, Additional Services, Non-Scope Considerations, References

Section 2 - Figures (2.8 mb) sdfs
Appendix A - Site Photographs (5.3 mb) fsdf
Appendix B - Previous Environmental Reports (97.9 mb) fsdf
Appendix C - 2011 Environmental Reports (2.0 mb) fsdf
Appendix D - EDR Radius Map Report (2.1 mb) fsdf
Appendix E - Aerial Photographs (10.6 mb) sfdf
Appendix F - City Directory Search (125 kb) sfdfs
Appendix G - Historical Topographic Maps (2.4 mb) sfsdf
Appendix H - Sanborn Map Report (101 kb) fsdfsd
Appendix I - FOIA Documentation (33.0 mb) sdffsd
Appendix J - Qualifications of Environmental Professionals (237 kb) fsdf

Site Investigation Work Plan


Revised Site Investigation Work Plan (8.4 mb) fsdfsd


Focused Site Investigation Report

Table A - Soil PNS Sample Results
Table B - Soil Total Metals Sample Results
Table C - Soil pH Specific Objectives Summary
Table D - Soil TCLP Sample Results
Table E - Groundwater Sample Results
Table F - Surface Water Sample Results
Table G - Sediment PNA Results
Table H - Groundwater Sample Results

Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3
Figure 4
Figure 5
Figure 6
Figure 7
Figure 8
Figure 9
Figure 10
Figure 11
Figure 12
Figure 13
Figure 14
Figure 15
Figure 16
Figure 17
Figure 18

Appendix A - Routine Wetland Determination Report
Appendix B - Test America Certification
Appendix C - Photo Log
Appendix D - Soil Boring Logs
Appendix E - Monitoring Well Construction Reports
Appendix F - Slug Test Results
Appendix G - Low Flung Sampling Forms
Appendix H - XRF Summary Tables
Appendix I - Soil Sample Lab Reports
Appendix J - GW and SW Sample Lab Reports
Appendix K - Sediment Sample Lab Reports
Appendix L - Compiled Water Well Survey
Appendix M - NPDES Permit
Appendix N - Surfical Geology Bedrock Geology Map


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