Board Meetings

Board Meeting Details

The Board meets on the second Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm, and the fourth Thursday of each month (with the exception of November and December due to holidays), at 6:30 p.m. The full calendar year schedule can be found here. Please note that meeting dates and times are subject to change due to special circumstances (holidays, state and national conferences, etc.)

The current location of both meetings is at Fort Hill Activity Center, located at 20 Fort Hill Drive, unless otherwise noted, scheduled in the multipurpose room(s); the public is invited to attend.

Regular board meetings are livestreamed and may be viewed via the Park District's YouTube channel.

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Previous board meeting agendas and minutes can be accessed here. Older archived meetings are available upon request request by contacting Board Secretary Monika Solomacha at

Public Comment

“Matters from the Public” is a permanent agenda item, providing the opportunity for public comment on Park District operations. The board receives public comment regarding non-agenda topics in person, via email, or via voice message left before the scheduled start time of the meeting. Emailed or phoned in comments must be directed to Monika Solomacha, Board Secretary, at or at 630-848-3502. Comments will be read aloud or played for up to 3 minutes per speaker. Comments regarding an agenda topic will be allowed upon consideration of that item prior to board discussion using the same procedure.

Board Committee Meetings

The Park Board recognizes that certain business of the District may be facilitated by the formation of various standing and ad hoc committees that may be convened to undertake projects, elicit citizen input or staff advice, or assist the board in the furtherance of any proper activity of the Park District. Each committee must comply with the provisions of the Illinois Open Meetings Act and observe Roberts Rules of Order.

The Naperville Park District follows a process where new business is brought to the committee for introduction, discussion, and consideration. No action is taken in board committee meetings. If the committee finds that a particular topic merits consideration of the full board, the item is added to the agenda as new business and is discussed typically at the second board meeting of the month.

There are currently three board committees that meet regularly to cover the topics of finance, legislative and parks and recreation, and all committee meetings are open to the public. Additional information regarding each committee can be found using the following individual links:

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is comprised of a subset of park board members and staff and meets quarterly or as needed to discuss topics that are financially-related including budgets, bonding authority issues, and investment review. The committee provides ongoing Board oversight of the Park District's financial management and provides reports at the first park board meeting of the month.

Finance Committee - Agendas, Minutes and Meetings

Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee is comprised of a subset of park board members and staff and meets quarterly or as needed. Topics brought to the committee include grants, legislative priorities, bills, and other related matters. The committee will make recommendations to the full Board but has no authority to conduct binding negotiations. Committee reports are provided at the first park board meeting of the month.

Legislative Committee - Agendas, Minutes and Meetings

Parks and Recreation Committee

The Parks and Recreation Committee is comprised of a subset of park board members and staff and generally meets monthly. Topics brought to the committee include park and recreation program information and operational priorities such as maintenance/facility plans, construction projects, community input, review of recreation data, golf improvements, discussion of communication initiatives, and other related matters. Committee action is limited to reporting recommendations and issues to the full Board; committee reports are typically provided at the first park board meeting of the month.

Parks and Recreation Committee - Agendas, Minutes and Meetings

Board of Commissioners

Learn more about the Board of Commissioners