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Fort Hill Activity Center

Naperville Park District Fort Hill Activity Center
20 Fort Hill Drive, Naperville
The site is located at the corner of Fort Hill Drive and Quincy Avenue next to
Player's Indoor Sports Center and the City of Naperville Public Works facility.

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(revised 11/12/13)
"Recreation for generations"

Activity Center Preliminary Design and Draft Concept
At the February 27, 2014 Park Board of Commissioners meeting, staff presented the board with a draft concept of the Activity Center that featured both ground floor and upper levels for consideration. Spaces/amenities included in the concept is based on feedback received by residents through nine years of community survey feedback and during the project open houses and focus groups held during the months of January and February.
Activity Center Preliminary Concept - Ground Level
Activity Center Preliminary Concept - Upper Level
Concept is approximately 80,000 sq. ft.
Ground Breaking Ceremony April 9

Ground Breaking

Activity Center Groundbreaking 1.jpgActivity Center Groundbreaking 2.jpgActivity Center Groundbreaking 3.jpgActivity Center Groundbreaking 4.jpgActivity Center Groundbreaking 5.jpgActivity Center Groundbreaking 6.jpgActivity Center Groundbreaking 7.jpgActivity Center Groundbreaking 8.jpgActivity Center Groundbreaking 9.jpgActivity Center Groundbreaking 10.jpgActivity Center Groundbreaking 11.jpgActivity Center Groundbreaking 12.jpg
3D Model Renderings


Project Overview
The Naperville Park District is planning to build an Activity Center in what has become known as an “athletic corridor” on Quincy Avenue where other athletic related facilities are located. The area is bounded by Ogden Avenue to the east and Fort Hill Drive to the west.

The Activity Center will serve as a community gathering place for all ages and abilities to enjoy a wide range of indoor recreation activities, sports, and fitness and wellness programs.

There are several key reasons for developing an indoor Activity Center, including:
  To provide additional indoor space in order to better serve the year-round recreation needs of the community and more effectively address community health and wellness issues – one of the District’s core values.
  • Since 1992, the District has added only 2,000 square feet of its own indoor space while Naperville’s population has increased by more than 51,000.
  • The cooperative partnerships that the District enjoys with the school districts are great, but the schools have realized an ever increasing need to use their spaces for their own programs.
  • Leasing space is unpredictable, requires retrofitting (as is the case with many of the District’s current spaces) and doesn’t always accommodate program needs (e.g., yoga held in preschool rooms or basketball played in carpeted gyms).
  • Enhance the community’s access to indoor recreation programs while continuing to focus on serving residents’ introductory program needs in a positive and encouraging learning environment.
  • Community feedback obtained through our surveys as well as anecdotal comments from residents have highlighted the current lack of District indoor space and the need for amenities like athletic courts and a walking track.
  • To address programming needs for Naperville residents with special needs
  • - Naperville has a large special needs community that currently does not have convenient access to programs to meet their needs. These residents have to travel to other communities to take part in many recreation programs.

  • To better serve the needs of the senior community by providing amenities that encourage physical activity and making meaningful social connections
  • - Many seniors travel to the nearby mall to walk during the winter. The Activity Center will include a walking track that seniors may use for free.
    - The District plans to have both scheduled and drop-in programming that appeals to seniors’ interests.

  • To serve the needs of the changing demographics of the Naperville community
  • - Provide a place where families can exercise together or engage in separate activities simultaneously.
    - Serve as a gathering place for teens to participate in healthy and safe activities.
    - Address the fitness/wellness needs of Naperville’s diverse community.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1. How large will the Activity Center be?
The land the District purchased near the corner of Quincy Avenue and Fort Hill Drive can accommodate an approximately 80,000 square foot center, which is about the size of a typical District 204 elementary school.

2. How much will it cost to build the Activity Center?
The District estimates that the Activity Center will cost no more than $24,120,000. This includes the design and construction phases of the entire project.

3. How will the District fund the Activity Center?
Current revenue sources including land/cash donations, tax revenue, investments and alternative revenue like grants will be used. Additionally, the District reprioritized its capital projects to be able to build a project of this kind and address the most critical need that the District faces. The Activity Center will be planned and constructed in a way that is consistent with the District’s other projects that have illustrated exceptional financial stewardship such as Nike Sports Complex, the Seager Park Interpretive Center and the Centennial Beach renovation – all of which came in on time and under budget.

4. Will residents’ taxes increase?
Taxes will increase regardless of the Activity Center. This is due to the increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and the capital needs of the District, including the need to fund amenities to accommodate residents with special needs per the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Residents can expect to see a very modest increase of approximately $8-10 for the year for the average homeowner, which equates to paying for approximately three gallons of gasoline for your car.

5. Will residents be able to give their input on this project?
In January 2014, the Park District held a series of open house events to gather community input regarding the Activity Center. We also conducted an online survey to solicit feedback. We will be reaching back out to the community once we have some designs to share.

6. What will be included in the Activity Center?
Although some needs already have been cited as high priority through previous community surveys, such as gymnasium space, indoor fitness space and an indoor walking and running track, the Park District is in the process of gathering ideas from residents about other types of amenities to include in the building.

7. When will the Activity Center open?
The project is anticipated to be complete by fall 2016.

 NCTV Video Regarding the Activity Center Open Houses
Project Communications
 3/15/15    Park District to Break Ground on Fort Hill Activity Center April 9
 3/11/15    Naperville Park District’s $2.5 Million PARC Grant Suspended Indefinitely
 7/7/14    Naperville Park District Awarded $2.5 Million Grant for Future Activity Center
 2/28/14    Activity Center Preliminary Design and Draft Concept Presented to Park Board
12/18/13    Community Input Sought on Future Activity Center
11/15/13    Park Board Approves Purchase of Land for Activity Center
11/15/13    A letter from Executive Director Ray McGury regarding the Activity Center land purchase
10/09/13    A letter from Executive Director Ray McGury regarding the Activity Center


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