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Corporate Partnership Program

The Naperville Park District takes an “investment” approach to working with its corporate partners. Put simply, we will work to maximize your investment by continually helping to advance your message, mission and sales efforts.

We will meet with you to discuss these innovative sponsorships and together we will determine if we have a good fit. We will want to:
1) know your sales and marketing goals
2) clarify your objectives for sponsorship
3) understand your products/services and budget
4) develop promotions and generate interest around the partnership and
5) evaluate our the partnership on a regular basis.

Corporations may consider various levels of opportunities with the Naperville Park District: 

Park Partner
This is the highest level of association with the Naperville Park District, and benefits can include industry exclusivity, merchandising and sales, year-round Web site exposure and hospitality.Your company will select one area with which to build your association and market your products/services to Naperville consumers.

Athletic Park Partner
Put your brand in front of thousands of active households and directly reach sport and fitness enthusiasts! Meet Naperville consumers through:
- E-mail messaging
- Sports Newsletters and Publications
- Signage at Sports Complexes

Centennial Beach Park Partner
Reach over 170,000 visitors each year at this outdoor aquatic center. Each year more than 10,000 member households visit Centennial Beach between Memorial Day and Labor Day.
- Direct access to family-forming households
- Product promotion and sampling
- E-mail communication

Community Programs and Picnic Areas Park Partner
Community Programs are comprised of adult and youth music, theater, art and do-it-yourself types of classes. Events your business would be associated with are Shakespeare in the Park, Magical Starlight Theatre, Dance Programs, and Frontier Kite Fly Festival.

Golf Course Park Partner
The Naperville Park District owns two, established 18-hole golf courses, Springbrook and Naperbrook. Our golf courses are not supported through tax dollars so partnerships are a priority. Each year over 80,000 rounds of golf are played, there are concessions and golf shops for sales/merchandise, tournaments, lessons, clinics, leagues and signage – all available to help extend your visibility.

Multi-Use Trails Park Partner
It may not be obvious when you’re stuck in traffic, but there are miles of multi-purpose trails in Naperville, and there are plans to add many more! This platform is great for a company with a message about environmental stewardship, an interest in maintaining our natural areas and emphasizing renewable resources.

Play Programs and Playgrounds Park Partner
Being a “kid-friendly” community, the Naperville Park District provides neighborhoods with access to playgrounds, developmental programs and events for young families. Your company can gain access to this valuable market through events such as Children’s Lunch Hour Entertainment, Halloween Happening and Wonderful World of Wheels.

Riverwalk Park Partner
Known as the “crown jewel” of Naperville, the Park District manages and maintains this beautiful community asset. A Riverwalk Park Partner would gain additional exposure through Park District events like Rollin’ on the River and Santa House, as well as employees participating in volunteer service projects along the Riverwalk.

Title and Cosponsor
Title Sponsor
A title sponsor level offers businesses the opportunity of name recognition through an association with one specific event, focusing on one market niche, along with display and sampling rights at the event.

This level is perfect for any business looking to build awareness, name recognition or cross-promote with other corporate partners of the Naperville Park District.

For advertising, promotions and sponsorships with the Naperville Park District contact Stacey Fontechia, Sales and Sponsorship Manager at 630.848.3575.

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